Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Analysed

Get to know what’s that Treyarch has prepared for the players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 filled all the attention of Activision at gamescom this year. In addition to the huge multiplayer event on Monday, on the hot zone a huge queue, perhaps one of the biggest in the event, waited anxiously to be able to test the new version multiplayer this year. And the news are many, mainly for the online competitions and how we see the electronic sports.

The Call of Duty multiplayer is much more than just sign in maps and start playing. The series takes with millions of players, many of them not playing anything else that the shooter from Activision. For this reason, more and more community features are added to the game, simplifying the way we chose for example to our class.

In the new game the choice class suffered profound changes. For example, for the first time in a game Call of Duty we are not obliged to take the game on secondary weapon, or even the primary. Just want to take a pistol? It is up to the player to decide. In the background we have 10 spaces to fill in the content class. The Studio calls “level 10″, but for simplicity are not more than 10 slots available.

Within these 10 slots we can include what we want. For example, taking a secondary weapon releases a slot that can be used to be able to have two Wildcards. It is all a question of balance of type of arms that we will take in class. So we have space for the primary weapon, secondary weapon, perks, attachments and the Score streaks that come replace the Killstreaks.

But with the insertion of Wildcards, the rules are somewhat changed. We can somewhat increase our attributes, skirting a little the rule of 10. A Wildcard may increase an attachment for the main gun, or even assign a new perk. Are fixed cards, which we will have to choose if we want to move slightly right weapon or perk.

The choice of class had the right to an aesthetic change. We now have immediate access to the entire menu of class. We see the weapons, perks, Wildcards and everything else in one window, recalling for example the inventory of games like Resident Evil, in particular most classic. If for example we are within a sub-menu to choose an attachment, and we have the full 10 slots, it is not necessary to go to the menu of choice and then withdraw something so that we can free up a slot. If we choose something with 10 slots occupied the game opens immediately an option we can take what we already have in the 10 slots. This is a simple and effective way of choosing what we want for our class, making everything more understandable due to the use of images.

Note that this change in the way choice of weaponry by slots does not come to change the effectiveness of the player. For example, there by just going to the game with a secondary weapon, this will not make us faster, since there is an assignment of weight to each weapon, perk, attachment, etc.

There are new attachments, as well as several new weapons and perks. Although we are in the future, the weapons in the game are based on prototypes and current features. Was given the example of the Millimeter scanner, which is a real tech that can see through walls. In this case, as we are in 2025, the Millimeter scanner is on the gun and get to see the distance through walls, but currently the Millimeter scanner is just placed directly on the walls, so you can see through them.

Another novelty in multiplayer mode are the Score streaks that come replace the Killstreaks. The Score may be chosen in Choose Streaks class, occupying each slot 1 of 10 available for the class. All we can choose three of 21 in total. Was given the example of the AGR, which this time everything will be automatic and the player is not required to be in place when the crate arrives. The AGR can be controlled by the IA or by the player himself. For those who do not know what AGR is the new “Killstreak”, being a small tank armored and extremely powerful. But the choice for example a good Wildcard can quickly destroy the AGR, as electronic parts have a blow with a shock of energy will disable the AGR. These Wildcards are the Rewards that have won in the game.

So we have three Score Streaks available in the game. To be able to unlock and use, we have to earn points. Now if you kill an enemy, or kill the enemy with the flag, or we can take a flag, win XP not, but yes Score Streaks. These points are used to fill a power bar, each Streak consumes. It is a different way of looking at the small made within the game, where it quickly we can acquire the Streaks.

One of the most interesting features in the new game is the IA/Player control choice. That is, we received lots of tips from the game. This is already the case in the previous games, but now everything seems more real, because they are plenty of tips and information that we receive. Initially we have a limit of 55 levels and 10 prestige, as well as the already famous medals and other aesthetic rewards.

“The idea for this new Black Ops in terms of multiplayer is to give the player more content than levels. The new game gives the player the way they play, assigning more and better things for the game itself. ”

The idea for this new Black Ops in terms of multiplayer is to give the player more content than levels. The new game gives the player the way they play, assigning more and better things for the game itself. Is a type of internal growth, within each level. To this end we have the new system of gameplay modes, the Multi-team, which can be played in other modes like Team Deathmatch. As its name indicates, now we can have more than two teams playing on the same map and game mode. Altogether we have 18 players at the same time. These 18 players may be divided by teams, for a total maximum of 6 teams per game.

Was presented the game mode Hardpoint, which opens inside the map a number of different locations to capture and fill. These locations will vary within a match. We won one, protect and another opens. Just get points if we are on site.

The news for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is not here. This year we have the League Play, which is a kind of in-game with various Championship leagues. Here we have the true perception of the type of player that we are within the world community. The League Play puts us within a League, or set of players that can play. If we move enough we will climb to the next leagues, always fighting against players who are to our level. This measure is not compulsory, it is more a kind of mathematical calculation that analyzes several variables so that when throw is always fun and rewarding. Is something kind of Games Ranked, but that puts us on a specific level.